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fujitora vs doflamingo

- One Piece ... Luffy, Doflamingo, Trafalgar Law, Fujitora One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Gameplay. Il semble être très grand, un trait caractéristique des autres Amiraux. As for the battle team OP wins unless Meliodas goes for Fujitora first and Doflamingo doesn't try intercepting his blitz. Thanks for giving an opinion on post that you seemed to not fully "feel" now this kind of response is totally out of place if you dont back it up with some argumentation. Both are 5 meters apart. Craft Ideas; Family Fun; Gift; DIY Home; Recipe; Freebies; fujitora vs doflamingo At one point he says to Maynard (I think) that since the World Government allowed this to happen, the Marines will never be heroes on this island. And when he met Issho for the first time, not only did he refer to him as beast, but also implied that he would be "Scared shitless" if the Admiral was coming after him. And as I said earlier, the strength of DD's crew compared to that of a Yonkou's crew isn't any indication of how he would compare to Fujitora. I'd be inclined to think an Admiral must be stronger than a Shichibukai (else how could you possibly keep them in line? Upon discoverying the kingdom and the people are being manipulated by an Evil Pirate, Jiraya decides to fight Doffy. Beside Doflamingo more likely commented on that if he would quit Warlords he would be at loosing site as there would be Law + Fujitora against him. He has an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes, which was actually self-inflicted due to his decision to blind himself. 712 - Storm and Stress - Hakuba vs. Dellinger 711 - The Man's Pride! I take them both as same caliber of fighters. Sign up. Seine Blindheit stört ihn nicht weiter, da er sehr gut im Leben mit klar kommt auch ohne, dass er was sieht. Log in. He also … ... Fujitora por ser um Almirante tem patente lógica para ser capaz disso. Share this Rating. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Alby Rubye. Nel Sottosuolo di Green Bit, nel Regno dei Tontatta, con tutti i nani contro entrambi i contendenti. I seen that they were not capable of heavily wounding/ stopping Akainu. He was sent to Dressrosa by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to capture Luffy and Law. His crew is like smaller version of Yonko crew. And he specifically said "Hey! Er ist vermutlich so Ausdauernd wie jeder Admiral auch. TV-14 | HD (1080p) | 2014 Manga available from from VIZ Media, and serialization in Shonen Jump Available Languages: Japanese More Details. 708 - An Intense Battle! Its not my fault that by trying replying to all you write I am getting further away from point of this thread. Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! So he was definitely that he would be in trouble from the Admiral alone not Law+Admiral. Ich kann mich mal wieder nur anschließen. Only Whitebeard himself was able to hurt him. Ace was pretty strong back then, so we can't really tell. 709 - A Decisive Battle Against the Executives! Thema: Re: Fujitora vs Doflamingo So 25 Mai - 18:49 Tweet . Lâminas são mais … What makes you think that Blamenco, Rakuyu, Namur, Blenheim, Curiel, Kingdew, Haruta, Atmos, Jiru, Fossa, and Izo are so special? As I said before Doflamingo is almost as strong as Admiral and I will hold to this opinion. I didnt seen Whitebeard crew scared. Multiply it times 3, add Vergo and you have quite a force. RothaarShanks ich stimme dir zu. Il porte un manteau blanc de la Marineavec des épaulettes dorés, sur un kimono violet avec une ceinture noire. Fujitora … This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Multiply it times 3, add Vergo and you have quite a force. For me seats of Doflamingo are shown to be around of strength that Law presented till now so they are most likely stronger than Vice Admiral like Smoker. Ich schätze mal das Flamingo gegen Fujitora verlieren würde, da ich glaube das kein Samurai eine gute Chance gegen einen Admiral hat. ( schon wieder). Marco, Jozu, Vista were good but not good enough to deal with any of Admirals. Only Whitebeard did not. There was quite a few of commanders stalling Akainu and nothing more. Bitte hört auf Kämpfe zu erstellen von Personen von dessen Kampfkraft nicht viel erzählt wurde. Fujitora vs. Doflamingo Thread starter RichardMNixon; Start date Dec 5, 2013; Prev. Transcription: "Taishō no Ketsudan - Fujitora tai Dofuramingo" (Japanese: 大将の決断 藤虎VSドフラミンゴ) October 26, 2014 () In the Colosseum, Rebecca finds Lucy to tell him she is in the finals too, but … I would not say "Issho is easily stronger". Jiraya decides to travel to Dressrosa in order to make more research for his next book. Đăng nhập. Last scene where we seen him he was out of breath mostly. Anime Video Tin Tức Truyện BXH. Über Fujitora weiß man wirklich viel zu wenig, ob er oder sein Schwert die Gravitationsfrucht besitzt und Rüstungshaki hat er soweit ich weiß bisher auch noch nicht eingesetzt. That depleated him a lot so when he was fighting on bridge he was tired already. Episode of Death Battle, featuring Fujitora, the Wisteria Tiger of One Piece against Kagura Mikazuchi, the White Ribbon of Fairy Tail. III° turno del Girone B: Fujitora vs Doflamingo. They are the justice equivalent of the Yonkou. "The Admiral's Decision! We don't know how a Yonkou would fair against an Admiral. Law calling him out for lying shows that DD was supposed to actually be scared shitless if Issho was after him. He is a secondary hero antagonist in the anime and manga One Piece. Fujitora alone probably wouldn't be enough to bring down the entire SH crew, but that doesn't mean that Luffy's operating on the same level as he is. The fight happens at the Casttle. Doflamingo!, en Crunchyroll. Chào khách! There are so many problems with this statement. Its not like Marines had to balance out just WB pirates but also all forces from New World that came with them. 706 - Advance, Law! 6 years ago | 788 views. As I said before Doflamingo is almost as strong as Admiral and I will hold to this opinion. JavaScript is disabled. Impossibility - as for Law and comparing him to Doflamingo Seats, they seem to me to be only slightly under Doflamingo himself. In most of his appearances, Doflamingo is shown to be carefree and laid-back. Same as Zoro and Sanji are slightly one and two steps under Luffy. I can't imagine Doflamingo escaping gravity with strings. Login. As for what we have seen till now considering Yonko crew in action- most of commanders were not able to stop seriously wound Akainu. Il a de courts cheveux noirs, une barbe et une moustache de même couleur. Nel Sottosuolo di Green Bit, nel Regno dei Tontatta, con tutti i nani contro entrambi i contendenti, si svolge l'incontro tra Fujitora e Doflamingo. Search. Fujitora vs. Bei Issoh tappt man noch im Dunkeln. Look, an Admiral is here!" In many cases, laugh and smile in situations where the level of danger is high such as Whitebeard leveling Marineford with his devil fruit ability. Law was shown as only a bit under Doflamingo overally so I put him and Seats at same measure so to say. Franky está muy ocupado peleando contra una horda de enemigos en la Casa de Juguetes, Violeta … Give this arc more time and you will see that Doflamingo is ALMOST as strong as Admiral, behind only by very small margin. Von Flamingo hat man auch noch nicht überragend viel gesehen. Luffy And Law VS Doflamingo RED HAWK!! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! I particularly don't get this two Admirals taking out a Yonkou crew, where did this come from? Ich kann zwar nicht fest machen warum für mich der Sieg an Issho geht, aber ich bin der Meinung, das er hier gewinnt. This argument about the number of Admirals required to take down DD and his crew seems kind of out there, considering that DD's crew has little to do with own ability. Doffy should be able to react however and King is outclassed. 6 Zoro Vs Fujitora. Vua Hải Tặc Tập 667 - Quyết định của Đô Đốc! Go. He is a bit stronger but not by much as for what manga suggested. Fujitora wins fight with Doflamingo but not by ownage- by pretty long, uneasy battle and he doesnt come out of it unscathed. Fujitora vs. Doflamingo!” Franky has his hands full battling a host of enemies at the Toy House, Violet leads Luffy to a secret entrance into the palace, and Fujitora issues Doflamingo … Joined Dec 13, 2009 Messages 1,789 … Fujitora could arguably be even stronger than Doflamingo given his rank. ), but I have a hard time seeing Fujitora win this. Unlike most members of the seven warlords, he is initially shown to not take anything too seriously and is shown to be excited by most things around him. Then he fallen for Doflamingos trap and had to fight Admiral and Joker only by himself. Proud Hajrudin! Law also implied that the Admirals can very well take out DD. He is the successor of the previous admiral, Aokiji. Fujitora is a blind man with only the whites of his eyes showing, though he usually keeps both eyes closed. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Fujitora 4 Kagura Mikazuchi 5 Pre-Fight 6 Death Battle 7 Results 8 Comparison 8.1 Fujitora 8.2 Kagura One Piece vs Fairy Tail! Vom Vorahnungshaki her schätz ich Fujitora wesentlich besser ein, aber Flamingo handelt und kämpft ganz klug und seine Teufelsfrucht ist extrem stark, was aber auch auf Fujitoras Teufelsfrucht zutrifft. Vejo vitória do Doflamingo, podendo voar enquanto utiliza o despertar dificultaria muito para Cracker que não tem capacidade de vôo. Sword fights are always welcome, even more so when they are between two equally skilled swordsmen – Zoro and Admiral Fujitora. Ich weis nicht wie man diesen Kampf bewerten soll. keyboard_arrow_down. So Warlords and elite marines had a lot of work. ... 1 Luffy Vs Doflamingo. Dec 6, 2013 #21 vagabond87 Banned 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member. 707 - To Be Free! Law! Aber ich glaube das er nicht ganz auf dem Niveau ist wie die anderen 2 (3 Kuzan) ist. You must log in or register to reply here. Library. Fujitora vs. Fujitora est un homme aveugle (on ne voit que le blanc de ses yeux) ; il a une cicatrice sur le front qui passe par ses deux yeux. Burgess did, if I recall correctly, take attacks from both Garp and Sengoku and was still laughing. And furthermore, this logic that states that Law defeating Vergo, supposedly one of the most powerful VAs, and his subsequent defeat to DD indicates that DD is very close to the ability of Fujitora is pretty shoddy. He has eaten the Stomp-Stomp Fruit (Zushi Zushi no Mi), which is a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate gravitational forces at will, granting him truly destructive combat abilities. Watch fullscreen. Luffy vs Doflamingo #opamv. Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! Real name Issho, Fujitora is one of the new admirals who replaced Kuzan and Akainu after the timeskip, and is the first new admiral to be introduced after the timeskip. - One Piece. Issho also known as Fujitora, is a Marine Admiral. Instead Marco and Jozu fallen- circumstancial or not, they fallen after one opening. Über Fujitora weiß man wirklich viel zu wenig, ob er oder sein Schwert die Gravitationsfrucht besitzt und Rüstungshaki hat er soweit ich weiß bisher auch noch nicht eingesetzt. We saw Law blocking the strings with his sword, a stronger individual like Issho should be able to do that as well. I am simply replying to your posts as they go. His goal was abolishment of the Shichibukai system. After achieved his goal, he placed hope on the SSG (Special Science … Sly, rude and disrespectful towards the World Government, Doflamingo is very sadistic towards others and seems to delight in causing and participating in chaos. Title: Taishou no Ketsudan - Fujitora vs. Doflamingo (26 Oct 2014) 7.8 /10. The third of the Seven Warlords to be formally introduced, Donquixote Doflamingo is captain of the Donquixote Pirates and the former king of Dressrosa. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fujitora vs Kagura Mikazuchi is a What-If? Viola, aka Violet, once a great princess of the Dressrosa family, shows Luffy and the others a secret entrance into the palace which avoids the use of the heavily-guarded lift. Grave of the Fireflies Tập 667 - Quyết định của Đô Đốc! Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wird er aber nur stark dargestellt, ich würde nicht denken das er einem Admiral gewachsen ist. When it came to 1 on 1 as we seen only Whitebeard was superior to an Admiral(at least in healthy state). Doflamingo is also shown in many of his appearances to always smile or to grin. However, he is affectionate towards his crew, who in turn all respect him, referring to him as \"Do… He follows Blind Justice. Marco was closest beside Joker that I have seen when it comes to someone under level of combat power that an Admiral has. Deal Wise Mommy. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? It would be a slaughter if we would have 3 Admirals vs Whitebeard pirates only(outcluding Ace). Vi ricordo di leggere il regolamento. Get mad, cry, rush, sleep and eat... only luffy can do all at once. January 20, 2021 Uncategorized Uncategorized A clash of blades between two … He has short dark hair, a mustache, and a beard. Law vs. Doflamingo! As the highlight of the Dressrosa arc, the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo is easily among the most impressive in the series. 2 years ago. And this comparison of DD's crew to the crew of a Yonkou seems completely out of place. He seems to be very tall, a trait shared with other admirals.Like other admirals, Fujito… description Re: Cracker vs. Doflamingo em Qua 11 Abr 2018, 13:36. Remember that Laws ability tires him more he uses it and he tried to conserve as much as possible when he was going to Green Bit he even avoided fighting flying fish to preserve what he can as he planned to go against Doflamingo. It took Luffy and Law to take down Doflamingo by himself and that was with a lot of plot armour. Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! Doflamingo!" Use the HTML below. Fujitora vs Doflamingo en streaming HD gratuit sur Anime Anime Assistir One Piece Episódio 667 Legendado, One Piece Episódio, Online Legendado, Assistir One Piece Todos Os Episódios Online Legendado HD, Download One Piece Episódio 667 HD Online, Episode. Todas Temporadas One Piece Assistir Online One Piece Todos arcos.One Piece HD ONLINE E DOWNLOAD TORRENT, Episode, Episode. Doflamingo vs Aokiji (rant) Discussion When watching the Doffy vs Aokiji clip on YouTube (the brief interaction on Punk Hazard) the amount of people that thought Doflamingo could take Aokiji right then and there was astounding. Bellamy's Last Charge! More tired you are, more your rection time gets longer and overal fighting capabilities drop. One Piece 667 GER SUB | Des Admirals Entscheidung! Two Admirals working together should be able to take care of this kind of crew. Regarder One Piece 667 VF: La décision de l’Amiral! 2:55. I guess it's hard to picture in general how to stop Doflamingo's immobilizing techniques while he could probably use his strings to slide around even if Fujitora had him pressed down with gravity. There was like 50 ships at marineford back in war. fujitora vs doflamingo. Luffy And Law VS Doflamingo RED HAWK!! I said that Doflamingos crew is behind Yonkos crew. 710 - The Battle of Love! Convidado Convidado. Because I dont. Wir wissen wie Doffys Frucht funktioniert aber wissen wir wie man die Frucht besiegen kann ? Thats all. Fujitora is miles stronger and it's not even debatable. But Marines have to use them very strategicaly- like rare weapons. It's not just Shiryuu and Teach, there's also all those supposedly incredibly dangerous level 6 prisoners with him. Il se déplace avec … It ended up opposite as Law planned so it was Fuji + Doflamingo vs Law. Law's Injection Shot Blasts! You're underestimating Admirals too much. The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5! Do you take every one of them as strong as Law? It was a bit of irony from Doflamingo- comment about being scared shitless. His crew is like smaller version of Yonko crew. That and him actually being scared shitless from just seeing Issho's warm up is enough for me to put him a good deal above DD.

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