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température mer adriatique

Nous conseillons les mois de mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, pour visiter Split. [109], The Northern Adriatic in particular is rich in endemic fish fauna. In Italy, these are Miramare in the Gulf of Trieste (in the Northern Adriatic), Torre del Cerrano and Isole Tremiti in the Middle Adriatic basin and Torre Guaceto in southern Apulia. [25] The islands along the Adriatic's western (Italian) coast are smaller and less numerous than those along the opposite coast; the best-known ones are the 117 islands on which the city of Venice is built. The cisleithanian (Austrian) part of Austria-Hungary spanned from the Austrian Littoral to the Bay of Kotor, with the exception of the Croatian Littoral mainland. [73] An active 200-kilometre (120 mi) fault has been identified to the northwest of Dubrovnik, adding to the Dalmatian islands as the Eurasian Plate slides over the Adriatic microplate. The benchmark was subsequently retained by Austria, adopted by Yugoslavia, and retained by the states that emerged after its dissolution. Conditions meteorologiques et vents en adriatique. [13] Around thirty species of fish are found in only one or two countries bordering the Adriatic Sea. [108], Tuna has been caught by the locals in the upper Adriatic for thousands of years. The total fisheries output's gross value in 2002 was $1.9 billion. If this movement continues, the seafloor will be completely consumed and the Adriatic Sea closed off in 50–70 million years. Oil spills are a major concern in terms of potential environmental impact and damage to tourism and fisheries. Comm. [110] There are 45 known subspecies endemic to the Adriatic's coasts and islands. Boll. [117] Furthermore, there are 10 internationally important (Ramsar) wetland reserves in Italy located along the Adriatic coast. [291] The discovery was followed by further surveys off the Croatian coast. The drainage basin's mean elevation is 782 metres (2,566 ft) above sea level, with a mean slope of 12.1°. [186] In this period, the Republic of Venice began to expand its territory and influence. Mer adriatique ou méditérranée ? Temperature and salinity were measured at the stations: P1 on 56% of cruises, 95% at P2, 77% at P3, 67% at P4, 66% at P5 and 40% at P6. The marine environment encompasses three-quarters of the total area, while the island shores' combined length equals 238 kilometres (148 mi). In Serbo-Croatian and Slovene, the sea is often referred to as simply Jadran. [143] An additional risk is presented by oil refineries in the Po River basin where oil spills have occurred before,[144] in addition to accidents occurring in the Adriatic already, so far with no significant environmental consequences. The Kingdom of Italy expanded in 1866: it annexed Venetia,[209] but its navy was defeated in the Adriatic near Vis. [158] Greek colonisation of the Adriatic dates back to the 7th and 6th centuries BC when Epidamnos and Apollonia were founded. [74] In the Northern Adriatic, the coast of the Gulf of Trieste and western Istria is gradually subsiding, having sunk about 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) in the past two thousand years. [288] Oil was discovered in the Northern Adriatic at a depth of approximately 5,400 metres (17,700 ft); the discovery was assessed as not viable because of its location, depth and quality. [145] Since 2006, Italy has been considering the construction of an offshore and an onshore LNG terminal in the Gulf of Trieste, as well as a pipeline, in the immediate vicinity of the Slovenian–Italian border. August 2014. [170], Another city on the Italian coast of the Adriatic that increased in importance during the Roman era was Ravenna. [239], The former Yugoslav republics' land borders were decided by demarcation commissions implementing the AVNOJ decisions of 1943 and 1945,[240][241] but the exact course has not been agreed upon by the successor states, which makes the maritime boundaries' definition difficult;[242] the maritime borders were not defined at all in the time of Yugoslavia. En plein été, en juillet et en août, Venise est un peu étouffante, sauf lorsque la … [191] The 15th and the 16th centuries brought about the Byzantine Empire's destruction in 1453 and the Ottoman Empire's expansion that reached Adriatic shores in present-day Albania and Montenegro as well as the immediate hinterland of the Dalmatian coast,[192][193] defeating the Hungarian and Croatian armies at Krbava in 1493 and Mohács in 1526. These are particularly due to or dependent upon the karst morphology of the coastal or submarine topography; this includes inhabiting subterranean habitats, karst rivers, and areas around freshwater springs. [52][53] The Southern Adriatic is about 8 to 10 °C (14 to 18 °F) warmer during the winter than the more northerly regions. Acta Adriat., 10 (1963), pp. [210] Following the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and the Croatian–Hungarian Settlement of 1868, the control of much of the eastern Adriatic coast was redefined. The origins of the name Adriatic are linked to the Etruscan settlement of Adria, which probably derives its name from the Illyrian adur meaning water or sea. The SAG measures 150 kilometres (93 miles) in diameter. The surface water temperatures generally range from 30 °C (86 °F) in summer to 12 °C (54 °F) in winter, significantly moderating the Adriatic Basin's climate. [257], In 2007, Albanian fisheries production amounted to 7,505 tonnes (7,386 long tons),[248] including aquaculture production, which reached 1,970 tonnes (1,940 long tons) in 2006. [155], Settlements along the Adriatic dating to between 6100 and 5900 BC appear in Albania and Dalmatia on the eastern coast, related to the Cardium pottery culture. Career. [112] In addition, Albania is home to two Ramsar wetland reserves: Karavasta Lagoon, and Butrint. [149][150], Another source of pollution of the Adriatic is solid waste. The coast's ruggedness is exacerbated by the Dinaric Alps' proximity to the coast, in contrast to the opposite (Italian) coast where the Apennine Mountains are further away from the shoreline. [72], The eastern Adriatic shore's Croatian part is the most indented Mediterranean coastline. The earliest settlements on the Adriatic shores were Etruscan, Illyrian, and Greek. The Adriatic gas fields were discovered in the 1970s,[285]:265 but their development commenced in 1996. Depuis Bellaria Igea Marina jusqu’à Cattolica, la région compte 40 kilomètres de côtes sur les 800 kilomètres de côte dans son ensemble. [146] The Slovenian government and municipalities,[147] the municipal council of Trieste,[148] and non-governmental organisations have voiced concern over their environmental hazards, effect on transport and effect on tourism. Température mer: 14° 13° 13° 15° 18° 21° 24° 25° 22° 20° 17° 15° [45] Another significant contributor of freshwater to the Adriatic is the submarine groundwater discharge through submarine springs (Croatian: vrulja); it is estimated to comprise 29% of the total water flux into the Adriatic. [9][28], Exclusive economic zones in Adriatic Sea :[29], The Adriatic Sea's average depth is 259.5 metres (851 ft), and its maximum depth is 1,233 metres (4,045 ft); however, the North Adriatic basin rarely exceeds a depth of 100 metres (330 ft). [236], Croatia and Slovenia started negotiations to define maritime borders in the Gulf of Piran in 1992 but failed to agree, resulting in a dispute. [125], In Slovenia, the marine and coastal protected nature areas are the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park, Strunjan Landscape Park, Škocjan Inlet Nature Reserve, and the Debeli Rtič, Cape Madona and Lakes in Fiesa natural monuments. In the southeast, the Adriatic Sea connects to the Ionian Sea at the 72-kilometre (45 mi) wide Strait of Otranto. [258] In 2007, the fisheries production in Bosnia–Herzegovina reached volume of 9,625 tonnes (9,473 long tons) and 2,463 tonnes (2,424 long tons) in Slovenia. 27 such hotspots have been determined as of 2011, 6 warranting an urgent response. [223] The FTT was partitioned in 1954: Trieste itself and the area to the North of it were placed under Italian control, while the rest came under Yugoslav control. Venice, which was originally built on islands off the coast, is most at risk due to subsidence, but the threat is present in the Po delta as well. [112] In addition, there is a Ramsar wetland reserve in Croatia—the Neretva river's delta. Vous souhaitez aller vous baigner en Croatie aujourd'hui ? [238], The Adriatic Euroregion was established in Pula in 2006 to promote trans-regional and trans-national cooperation in the Adriatic Sea area and serve as an Adriatic framework to help resolve issues of regional importance. [101] Basking sharks[104] and manta rays are some of migrant species to the sea. [156] During classical antiquity, Illyrians inhabited the eastern Adriatic coast,[157] and the western coast was inhabited by the peoples of Ancient Italy, mainly Etruscans, before the Roman Republic's rise. (1968) Manual of methods for fish stock assessment. Les mois les plus pluvieux sont : novembre, octobre et décembre . Various zones of the protected area cover 37 square kilometres (14 sq mi) of sea surface. Both countries also declared their economic zones, which partially overlap. [178] The Republic of Venice was founded during this period and went on to become a significant maritime power after receiving a Byzantine tax exemption in 1082. Among the largest are Bari, Venice, Trieste, and Rimini in Italy, Split, Rijeka and Zadar in Croatia, Durrës and Vlorë in Albania and Koper in Slovenia. ESE EES. de mer. [294], Port of Durrës, the largest port in Albania, Port of Rijeka, the largest cargo port in Croatia, Port of Koper, the largest port in Slovenia, Port of Trieste, the largest cargo port in the Adriatic, "Adriatic" redirects here. Moreover, the Adriatic's long and narrow rectangular shape is the source of an oscillating water motion (French: seiche) along the basin's minor axis. Plusieurs pays ont leurs côtes au bord de la mer adriatique, parmi lesquels : l'Albanie, la Bosnie-Herzégovine, la Croatie, les Îles croates, l'Italie et la Slovénie. Italy and Yugoslavia agreed on their maritime boundaries by 1975 and this boundary is recognised by Yugoslavia's successor states, but the maritime boundaries between Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro are still disputed. [172] When the Western Empire fell in 476 AD Ravenna became the capital of the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy. [8] The sea is geographically divided into the Northern Adriatic, Central (or Middle) Adriatic, and Southern Adriatic. La mer, dans la lagune de Venise, mais aussi dans les côtes de l'Adriatique du nord (voir Jesolo), est assez chaude pour la baignade en juillet et en août, lorsque la température de l'eau atteint 25/26 °C, alors qu'elle est encore un peu fraîche en juin. The thermal springwater is rich with hydrogen sulfide, has a temperature of 22 to 29.6 °C (71.6 to 85.3 °F), and has enabled the development of specific ecosystems. [126][127] The Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park was established in 1990, covers 721 hectares (1,780 acres), and includes four nature reserves. Before the breakup of Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy and Yugoslavia initially proclaimed 15-nautical-mile (28 km; 17 mi) territorial waters, subsequently reduced to international-standard 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) and all sides adopted baseline systems (mostly in the 1970s). [79] In the last 600 years, fifteen tsunamis have occurred in the Adriatic Sea. [226] After the fall of communism, Yugoslavia broke apart: Slovenia and Croatia declared independence in 1991,[227] and Bosnia–Herzegovina followed in 1992,[228] while Montenegro remained in a federation with Serbia, officially called Serbia and Montenegro. [54], According to the Köppen climate classification, the upper half of the Adriatic is classified as humid subtropical climate (Cfa), with wetter summers and colder and drier winters, and the southern Adriatic are classified as hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Csa). 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The volume of sediments carried from the eastern shore by the Rječina, Zrmanja, Krka, Cetina, Ombla, Dragonja, Mirna, Raša and Neretva rivers is negligible, because these sediments are mostly deposited at the river mouths. [197], In 1648, the Holy Roman Empire lost its claim on its former Italian lands, formally ending the Kingdom of Italy; however, its only outlet on the Adriatic Sea, the Duchy of Ferrara, was already lost to the Papal States. The western coast is alluvial or terraced, while the eastern coast is highly indented with pronounced karstification. Pendant la journée, la brise de mer rend habituellement la chaleur supportable, tandis que les nuits sont étouffantes à cause de l'humidité de la mer. 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L'Adriatique se trouve sur la plaque adriatique qui s'était séparée de l'Afrique durant le Mésozoïque. The Byzantines established the Exarchate of Ravenna and by 553 AD their viceroy (Exarch) ruled almost the entire Italian peninsula from that city. [120] The Lim Canal is a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) ria of the Pazinčica river. Most of the eastern shore of the Adriatic was part of Dalmatia, except for the southernmost portion, part of the province of Macedonia, and the peninsula of Istria on the northern part of the eastern shore; Istria contained the important Roman colony at Pula and was incorporated into the province of Italy. [194] These defeats spelled the end of an independent Hungarian kingdom, and both Croatian and Hungarian nobility chose Ferdinand I of the House of Habsburg as their new ruler, bringing the Habsburg Monarchy to the shore of the Adriatic Sea, where it would remain for nearly four hundred years. This rate of discharge amounts to 0.5% of the total Adriatic Sea volume, or a 1.3-metre (4 ft 3 in) layer of water each year. [159], Roman economic and military influence in the region began to grow with the creation by 246 BC of a major naval base at Brundisium (now Brindisi), which was established to bar Carthaginian ships from the Adriatic during the Punic Wars. [171] During the 4th century AD the emperors of the Western Roman Empire had moved their official residence north from Rome to Mediolanum (now Milan) in order to be better able to control the military frontier with the Germanic tribes. [31] The tidal movement is normally slight, usually remaining below 30 centimetres (12 in). [50] The southern Adriatic is subjected to saltier water from the Levantine Basin. La courbe de température de l'océan Indien équatorial est basée sur l'analyse des alkénones, ... Siani et al. All successor states of former Yugoslavia accepted the agreements. Controlez que la température de la mer est idéale avec nos informations mises à jour en temps réel et nos prévisions de la température de la mer pour les jours à venir ville par ville en Croatie. Karstification there largely began after the Dinarides' final uplift in the Oligocene and the Miocene, when carbonate deposits were exposed to atmospheric effects; this extended to the level of 120 metres (390 ft) below the present sea level, exposed during the Last Glacial Maximum. The Adriatic Sea is a semi-enclosed sea,[7] bordered in the southwest by the Apennine or Italian Peninsula, in the northwest by the Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and in the northeast by Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania—the Balkan peninsula. The Adriatic's shores are populated by more than 3.5 million people; the largest cities are Bari, Venice, Trieste and Split. Les périodes les plus chaudes se produisent quand le vent souffle du sud, car l'effet modérateur de la mer disparaît : dans ces cas, la température peut atteindre 35/37 °C. ", "Fishery and Aquaculture Country Profiles – Italy", "Glavni plan i strategija razvoja turizma Republike Hrvatske", "International tourism in the coastal regions of five Mediterranean countries", "Intervju: Načelnik općine Neum dr. Živko Matuško za BH. [173], In the Early Middle Ages, after the Roman Empire's decline, the Adriatic's coasts were ruled by Ostrogoths, Lombards and the Byzantine Empire. Geophysical and geological information indicate that the Adriatic Sea and the Po Valley are associated with a tectonic microplate—identified as the Apulian or Adriatic Plate—that separated from the African Plate during the Mesozoic era. [253] Turtles and common bottlenose dolphins are also being killed by fishing nets. In the Late Oligocene, the Apennine Peninsula first formed, separating the Adriatic Basin from the rest of the Mediterranean. [196] Ottoman raids on the Adriatic coasts effectively ceased after the massive setback in the Battle of Lepanto in October 1571. [259] As of January 2012, the Blue Flag has been awarded to 103 Italian Adriatic beaches and 29 marinas, 116 Croatian beaches and 19 marinas, 7 Slovenian beaches and 2 marinas, and 16 Montenegrin beaches. - forum Italie - Besoin d'infos sur Italie ? All types of sediment are found in the Adriatic, with the bulk of the material transported by the Po and other rivers on the western coast. [190], Venice regained Dalmatia in 1409 and held it for nearly four hundred years, with the republic's apex of trading and military power in the first half of the 15th century. This route played a major role in some of the military operations that marked the end of the Roman Republic and start of the imperial period. The boundary agreed in 1968 extends 353 nautical miles (654 km; 406 mi) and consists of 43 points connected by straight lines or circular arc segments. Implemented for the first time on October 3, 2020,[70] the barriers are made to seal off three inlets that lead to the Venetian Lagoon and counteract floods of up to ten feet; in addition to protecting the city from flooding, the barrier system is also intended to stabilize Venice's water levels so as to minimize erosion of the brick walls and, subsequently, the foundations of various buildings in the city. [83], The largest part of the eastern coast consists of carbonate rocks, while flysch (a particular type of sedimentary rock) is significantly represented in the Gulf of Trieste coast, especially along Slovenia's coast where the 80-metre (260 ft) Strunjan cliff—the highest cliff on the entire Adriatic and the only one of its type on the eastern Adriatic coast—is located,[84] on the Kvarner Gulf coast opposite Krk, and in Dalmatia north of Split. In the Adriatic's southernmost areas the border was not determined in order to avoid prejudicing the location of the tripoint with the Albanian continental shelf border, which remains undefined. Vous pouvez ainsi aisément choisir une destination de vacances où se baigner sera agréable ou savoir quand est le bon moment pour aller à la plage ! [286] About 100 offshore platforms are located in the Emilia-Romagna region,[112] along with 17 in the Northern Adriatic. The Greeks soon expanded further north establishing several cities, including Epidaurus, Black Corcyra, Issa and Ancona, with trade established as far north as the Po River delta, where the emporion (trading station) of Adria was founded. [292] In January 2012, INA commenced prospecting for oil off Dubrovnik, marking the resumption of oil exploration along the eastern Adriatic coast after surveys commenced in the late 1980s around the island of Brač were cancelled because of Yugoslavia's breakup and war in Croatia. Tidal movements in the Adriatic are slight, although larger amplitudes are known to occur occasionally. [99] Four out of five Mediterranean seagrass species are found in the Adriatic Sea. [263] For Montenegro, the direct contribution of tourism to the national GDP is 8.1%, with the total contribution to the economy at 17.2% of Montenegrin GDP. [280], Natural gas is produced through several projects, including a joint venture of the Eni and INA companies that operates two platforms—one is in Croatian waters and draws gas from six wells, and the other (which started operating in 2010) is located in Italian waters. The proponents of the new union in the Croatian parliament saw the move as a safeguard against Italian expansionism as stipulated in the Treaty of London. The latter led to the annexation of a large part of Dalmatia and nearly all the eastern Adriatic islands by Italy and the establishment of two puppet states, the Independent State of Croatia and the Kingdom of Montenegro, which controlled the remainder of the former Yugoslav Adriatic coast. Quand partir Côte Adriatique, Italie. No longer have to stay alone in hotels or apartments, finally, they too can enjoy the holiday in a beautiful new and fully equipped beach.The Doggy Beach is located in Lignano Sabbiadoro on Lungomare Marin, near the beach office n. 1, easily reachable also with the public transportation. However, during the reign of Justinian the Byzantine Empire sent an army under the general Belisarius to regain control of Italy, resulting in the Gothic War (535–554). Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en janvier - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en février - Minimum : 48°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mars - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 60°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en avril - Minimum : 56°F/Maximum : 61°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mai - Minimum : … The Adriatic Sea sits on the Apulian or Adriatic Microplate, which separated from the African Plate in the Mesozoic era. Niveau de la mer, évaporation, précipitations, température. The islands of Cres and the adjacent Lošinj are separated only by a narrow navigable canal dug in the time of classical antiquity;[23] the original single island was known to the Greeks as Apsyrtides. There are dozens of marine protected areas in the Adriatic, designed to protect the sea's karst habitats and biodiversity. [12][13] In the late 19th century, Austria-Hungary established a geodetic network with an elevation benchmark using the average Adriatic Sea level at the Sartorio pier in Trieste, Italy. fév. It covers 138,600 square kilometres (53,500 sq mi) and has a volume of 35,000 cubic kilometres (8,400 cu mi). Furthermore, the fault causes the Apennine peninsula's southern tip to move towards the opposite shore by about 0.4 centimetres (0.16 in) per year. [248] In 2003, 28.8% of Italian fisheries production volume was generated in the Northern and central Adriatic, and 24.5% in Apulia (from the Southern Adriatic and Ionian Sea). [203] The Adriatic Sea was a minor theatre in the Napoleonic Wars; the Adriatic campaign of 1807–1814 involved the British Royal Navy contesting the Adriatic's control by the combined navies of France, Italy and the Kingdom of Naples. [220] After sixteen months of the Regency's existence, the 1920 Treaty of Rapallo redefined the Italian–Yugoslav borders, among other things transferring Zadar and the islands of Cres, Lastovo and Palagruža to Italy, securing the island of Krk for Yugoslavia and establishing the Free State of Fiume; this new state was abolished in 1924 by the Treaty of Rome that awarded Fiume (modern Rijeka) to Italy and Sušak to Yugoslavia. La température de la mer en Sicile varie entre 15°C en janvier à 26°C en août. La mer Adriatique est celle qui baigne toute la Côte de Rimini.C’est la mer où, beaucoup d’entre nous, prennent des bains rafraîchissants en été. [200] The Venetian territory was then handed over to Austria and briefly ruled as part of the Archduchy of Austria.

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